Stress-less Eating - Mindful Life

taught by Linn Thorstensson
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Course description

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety in daily life and around your food choices?

Do you find it hard to "stay on track" even though you know what foods suit you and that you "should" be eating?

Have you been dieting on and off for a long time, often though short term success, the weight keep creeping back on, with interest?

Are you finally ready to let go of the never ending and exhausting mind-body-food war?

Welcome to a new approach to food and eating!

We live in an ever increasingly fast paced society, and stress is one of the biggest detriments to our health and happiness.

When our stress levels gets out of control, we feel overwhelmed, anxious and often tired and drained. And most of us tend to EAT, and it's usually not always the stuff that will support our longterm health!

The science and data of the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation to is now pretty clear. It is a brilliant way to support our overall wellbeing and reduce our stress levels!

But it can be a difficult thing to "sit down and meditate" when we are caught up in "busyness".

Enter mindful eating. This powerful practice brings the art of mindfulness to the table, giving you the power to integrate more awareness and compassion to both your eating experience and to your life in general.

Practicing mindful eating has the potential not only to give you more satisfaction and less stress during the eating experience. It will give you your power back, to decide how to act - not simply react. It becomes easier to be more satisfied with less, which often puts a halt to overeating and comfort eating.

The benefits are endless! Some other ones are;

  • Freeing yourself from reactive habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and acting
  • Experience more balance, choice and awareness with food and eating and with life in general
  • Experiencing more pleasure ans satisfaction from the food you eat, which may reduce over eating
  • Better digestion and more energy
  • Less anxiety and stress

This practical course will give you insight into How and Why you eat - making it much easier in turn to focus on What you are choosing to eat.

I have collected some of them most useful tools I've seen in my professional training as well as in my professional and personal practice, to help you get to the place of making changes to how and what you eat, that will stick!

This is done simply through cultivating the power of awareness, which is key!

In this course you will find a smorgasbord of choices, from guided meditations, to videos and journalling exercises, all designed to help you cultivate awareness around your eating, finding your HOW and WHY and bringing pleasure back to the table.

All these tools and exercises will teach you the practice of mindful eating, that you can use again and again as you integrate it into your daily life.

Being aware and present in the here and now is really freeing and opens up the space for more joy and happiness. And who wouldn't want that?

What are you waiting for? Join now!

Linn Thorstensson
Linn Thorstensson
Nutritional Therapist Dip NT CFSP mNTOI

Linn Thorstensson is a registered Nutritional Therapist with a special focus on mindful eating and helping people heal their relationship with food and eating.

Through her own story , years of training and clinical experience she has come to understand that sometimes when we are too busy "being good or bad", obsessing over calories, fat content or grams of carbohydrates this can get in the way of listening to what our bodies are truly calling out for.

Learning to trust our bodies, to listen in and to bring some mindfulness and compassion to our eating and daily living has a deep healing effect. And can give us less stress and more fun and joy as a result!

Linn Thorstensson Dip NT CFSPP mNTOI